Leather Sleeve MacBook  / Leather Laptop Case

Leather Sleeve MacBook / Leather Laptop Case

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Business class collection! The leather case provides the perfect protection from dust, scratches and light impact damage.

If you require different than these dimensions please contact us by dropping a line. 

Leather sleeve is being designed to be used as a protective fashionable case or carrying envelope and is not intended to be protective case that is designed to guarantee resistance to dropping etc.


It is available in different sizes. Please choose from the drop-down menu on the right. 


- Country of origin: Made in Lithuania, EU


NOTE. Christmas gift from Old Fisher Bags – FREE ENGRAVING. Leave note for us with a name or phrase you want to be engraved on your purchase.


Engraving Info:


- Capital letters only

- Letter height is 6 mm

- Please contact us directly for required engraving place


*** The ordinary flat rate delivery time frame varies:

* to Europe takes approx. a week (via mailing service);

* to USA, Canada, neighbouring countries and the Rest of the World take from approx. one week up to three (via mailing service);


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