Photographer‘s Leather Belt / Photographer‘s Camera Belt / Professional Bespoke

Photographer‘s Leather Belt / Photographer‘s Camera Belt / Professional Bespoke

This Real Leather Photographers Belt was designed for amateurs and professionals who use one or two cameras. This belt is the best assistant which makes photographers work easier and more comfortable. While you work with one camera the belt safely holds the other so you can work with a few different cameras at one time.


This Leather Photographer‘s Camera Belt is custom made and personalized. It can be made with your logo or without it. Also, leather belt can be engraved with your personal information.


The length of the Professional Bespoke Leather Belt is 45.3" (115 cm). The belt is long enough to be suitable for both men or women, thicker or thinner persons because it is adjustable with brass metal buckle.

Please contact us if you need outsize or super small size belt and we will check whether our belt suits you or not. 


Leather Photographers Belt comes without spiders or side pouches logo.





Length: 45.3"; 115 cm 

Width: 2"; 5 cm



- 1 brass metal buckle;

- 1 long real leather belt.


This beautiful, exclusive, fashionable, classy long-lasting strong and durable Real Leather Photographers Belt could make your work even more extraordinary and it would be the perfect gift for professional photographers and all photography lovers!


NOTE. Christmas gift from Old Fisher Bags – FREE ENGRAVING. Leave note for us with a name or phrase you want to be engraved on your purchase.


Engraving Info:


- Capital letters only

- Letter height is 6 mm

- Please contact us directly for required engraving place


Old Fisher Bags Team believes the key figures are quality, handmade, genuine leather and attention to details. What is more important – all masterpieces are individually handcrafted by one craftsmen from the very beginning till the very end. Each bag is individually crafted.



Please NOTE


Each hide might be slightly different from the other ones. You won’t be able to find two leather items exactly the same look due to unique hand finishing touch. Each piece of leather might have unique scratches and discolorations which add specific characteristics to natural handmade leather masterpieces.


Please note, every item is a one-of-a-kind original masterpiece so might come with minor scrapes and scratches. Also it may slightly vary from the displayed pictures.




*** This item will be sent via UPS express delivery courier. It takes around 5 business days to receive the package to Europe and the Rest of the World!

N.B. Please include your cell phone number at the section >> Note to seller << in case courier needs to contact you before delivery.



The express delivery cost of this bag is not inexpensive due to its heavy weight than other ordinary bags!



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